Many of our common questions from clients and future clients can be answered here.

Do you bill trip charges?

We do have a trip charge and a minimum of one hour of service per visit, however we do waive the trip charges for customers that have service agreements or are non-profit agencies.

Do you have support packages for small business like ours?

Yes, we do have support packages and service agreements. No two clients are exactly alike and we typically create a custom package for any client that requires one.

How far do you travel?

We generally service any location in a 30-40 minute travel time from our office, however, we do often dispatch directly from engineer residences, which often extends our service radius.

Do you provide remote support?

Yes, we do maintain a managed service platform and licensing which allows us to provide remote assistance. It does require that the customer authorize the interactive support prior to a successful connection.

Do you provide indoor or outdoor wiring?

Yes, we do both interior and exterior cabling for voice and data services, as well as wireless options for hot spots and connecting buildings together.

Do you handle computer repair?

Yes, we provide both server and workstation repair services. If the equipment is in warranty we can expedite service for you and if it is out of warranty and offer complete repair services.

Do you sell telephone lines or phone service?

Yes, we are agents for many carriers and can make product recommendations as well as converting traditional phone services into SIP or Voice over IP phone service provided directly through Quadvergent.

Can I bring my personal computer in for repair?

Yes, as long as you are connected to an existing business account. While we do not service/repair equipment to the general public, we do extend our services to any of our clients' employees.

Do you provide training and support for telephone systems that you install?

Yes, we offer both training and supplemental maintenance options for all telephone systems that we install.